Imagine if you could feel someone else's pulse on your fingertips through the virtual screen, as if you were touching them physically...

Imagine if you could read the mind of a stranger on screen...

Imagine if you could move objects with your mind...

Imagine if you could feel sensations that someone else is feeling, without being physically near them...

The ESP Experience is the World's First and ONLY Virtual Completely Immersive and Interactive Psychic Experience, where you will get a taste of your own psychic abilities.

Do you enjoy superhero movies? How about sci-fi movies, especially those about mystical powers of precognition, telepathy, etc?

Has watching those movies triggered questions in your mind, like, what if YOU could read minds? What if YOU could move objects with your mind? Imagine the possibilities if the answer to those questions was a loud and resounding, YES!

At the ESP Experience, Ugesh Sarcar is Exploring Sensory Possibilities with YOU! This is an evening of totally surreal experiences that will open up your mind to the universe of possibilities that you always knew existed, but never had the opportunity to explore.

If you are the kind of person that finds it really easy to be affected by the emotions of the people around you, they could be complete and total strangers, then you are what we call an Empath. If you are the kind of person that simply knows things, like something good or bad that’s going to happen in your own life or in the life of a loved one, then you are what we call a Precog.

Would YOU like to know if all those inexplainable things that happen to you on a daily basis actually have an explanation?

For those who believe, there is an entire universe that is waiting for YOU to connect with it. The solution to all the problems you have in your life, the ideas that have the potential to change your career, the love you are looking for, and so much more.

The ESP Experience with Ugesh Sarcar is your introduction into the mystical world that surrounds us all, opening a doorway into the next phase of evolution. In today’s cluttered and noisy world, what if you could find the diamonds in the dust by just closing your eyes? The experience is fully immersive and interactive, the FIRST of it’s kind event, especially as it is delivered to you in the comfort of your home, VIRTUALLY.

While you’re at the session, we recommend that you have a strong internet connection and a pair of headsets so you can tune in completely for the best experience. If you have family and friends joining you, do your best to keep conversation at a minimum so that you don’t miss out on the experiences, as this evening is all about YOU and what YOU can do.

When more people can tune into the collective consciousness and flood it with positive energy, we can bring order to this chaos the world has turned into.

Come and journey beyond with Ugesh Sarcar from the 30th of May, 2020 onwards.

What do you need to join The Experience?

  • Device

    A smartphone, a smart TV, Chromecast, Laptop. Any of the devices compatible with Zoom

  • Internet Connection

    While a mobile internet connection will work, a high speed broadband connection will give you the best viewing experience.

  • Email ID

    For security reasons, it is recommended that you use your email ID to register, and not any of your linked social media accounts. This will keep your accounts safe while you enjoy your Virtual Interactive Mentalism Experience